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One Pound of Cricket Powder | Edible Insects | Bugs You Can Eat | Raised for Human Consumption
One Pound of Cricket Powder | Edible Insects | Bugs You Can Eat | Raised for Human Consumption
One Pound of Cricket Powder | Edible Insects | Bugs You Can Eat | Raised for Human Consumption
You Can Eat Bugs

One Pound of Cricket Powder | Edible Insects | Bugs You Can Eat | Raised for Human Consumption

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High Protein Prebiotic Cricket Powder | All edible insects are raised for human consumption

Cricket powder has a mild umami flavor, so when it’s added as an ingredient, its taste is mild to unnoticeable.  

Cricket Powder Nutrition:

  • ~ 60% protein by volume
  • 26 mcg B12/ 100 grams (Beef has 1-2mcg/100grams)
  • High in Antioxidants
  • High in iron and calcium
  • Low in bad fats
  • All 9 essential amino acids
  • Omega 6:3 ratio of 3:1
  • Chitin Fibre – a source of Prebiotics – nutrition for probiotics – used as an antimicrobial gut agent

Insects are nutritional powerhouses. They are very healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and raised humanely. 

Timid about eating insects? Cricket flour is the perfect avenue for you to get the full health benefits of edible insects while not having to look the insect in the face before biting down. Who can say no to chocolate chip cookies that pack a protein punch?

Note: Crickets are raised on farms specifically for human consumption and are fed using high-quality grain.

How to Make Cricket Flour using Cricket Powder

Cricket Powder Wholesale

Cricket powder vs. cricket flour. This product is 100% pure cricket powder.

Cricket powder is super healthy.  It has more bio-available protein than most meats, all the essential amino acids plus an additional nine, more iron than spinach, and more calcium than milk. It has B12 and Omega 3 along with chitin, which is a pre-biotic fiber – that’s food for probiotics.

Cricket powder is also high in antioxidants which help you in the fight against free radicals in your body!

Cricket Flour is regular flour cut with cricket powder at a 4:1 ratio.  

Cricket Powder alone will not work for most baked goods. But added to baking flour, it will work just like regular flour, but it’ll pack a protein punch.

Keep in mind, if you add too much cricket powder to your baking powder, your baked goods will end up with a hard or tough texture.


Cricket Powder Nutrition

Wholesale & Private Label Information

If you would like to order larger quantities, please visit for wholesale purchases.

Wholesale purchases are open to retailers along with schools, groups and organizations.

Entosense can produce private label products for your company or organization. The minimum order to have your own label on products made with edible insects is lower than you may expect.

Edible Bugs Affiliate Program

We have a program that pays you for sales generated from your effort marketing edible bugs. If you can market edible bugs, you can earn an income from the sales generated.

Edible Bugs are a Novelty & a Health Food

There's a huge market out there. It ranges from people who buy an edible scorpion to dare their friends to people that buy crickets for health reasons.

Crickets are very nutritious. They offer real animal protein that includes all nine essential amino acids; they’re a prebiotic fiber (nutrition for probiotics), a perfect Omega 3:6 balance, high in B12, antioxidants, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and much more. Eating insects is good for you.

So, if you have a way to increase exposure of these novel and nutritious products, you can create an income.

Use our products and marketing materials for your website, blog and social networks to market edible insect products.


Here are examples of marketing materials you can use:


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