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Mezcal Worms - Chinicuil Gusano
Mezcal Worms - Chinicuil Gusano
Mezcal Worms - Chinicuil Gusano
Mezcal Worms - Chinicuil Gusano
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Mezcal Worms - Chinicuil Gusano

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Maguey de Gusano

Package contains 12 Chinicuiles.

AKA: Mezcal Worm

The red maguey worm, referred to in Mexico as gusano rojos, gucano de maguey or chinicuiles/tecoles.

This is the famous worm associated with mezcal.

The worms are considered a delicacy in areas of Mexico, where they are either eaten alive or roasted and served in a bowl accompanied by a tortilla, guacamole or a similar sauce and lime. The worm’s flesh is soft and the flavor truly uniquely sweet, unrelatable to any commonly consumed food. Today red maguey worms are served in numerous restaurants across Mexico, Central America, and soon, the United States.

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